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Medical Alert Device Set-Up Instructions

Medical Alert System Includes:

  • Emergency Unit with transformer plug
  • Phone Connection Cord
  • Medical Emergency Button (Waterproof Pendant or Watchband)

Easy Set-Up Instructions Included

Voice over internet protocol

Medical Alert Device Tips & Reminders

Instruction Guide

Remember to test your system weekly at any time. Call 1-800-325-1787 to put your system on TEST MODE. When you hang up with the operator, simply press your button and wait for the operator to come on the speaker. Tell him/her you are just testing. If you wish to test from outside in your yard, it is advisable to first call the testing number on your unit and ask to be put on test mode for 15-30 minutes. Test your button from outside and call the testing number again when you return. They will tell you how many signals were received.

Your PASSWORD is your ACCOUNT NUMBER, conveniently located on top of your console. If you should call our Central Station for any reason (updating emergency contact numbers or medical information), they will ask for your PASSWORD.

It is best to set-up your unit in a centrally located place in your home if possible. This allows two-way communication to be used effectively.

To answer an INCOMING phone call, simply press your button to take advantage of the speakerphone. Press your button again to disconnect the call when finished.